Mold Remediation Tips

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There is a possibility that you have seen mold in your home. The cold weather is such a breeding season for mold in the home. This is because mold thrives in moisture and can spread like wildfire if not curtailed on time.

There are some tips that help you to mold remediation:

    • Seal off the area.

Mold remediation always requires that you begin by sealing off the area with plastic sheeting and tape before you perform any work. This keeps potentially dangerous mold spores contained in the work area itself, instead of distributing the mold throughout the home.

    • Wet vacuum

A wet vacuum will clean up any standing water and water soaked surfaces, as well as vacuum up mold itself. Never use a dry vacuum to remove mold, however, since a dry vacuum is a perfect vehicle for launching mold spores into the air.

    • Kill the mold

using an approved fungicide applied with either a sprayer or fogger. Never use bleach, as it is ineffective at killing, or keeping away, mold problems.

    • Clean the area thoroughly

Clean the area using whatever means necessary. This may include scrubbing, scraping, cleaning up dust and debris with a HEPA vacuum, and even removing building materials, furniture, and anything else contaminated by mold. Any materials that are removed should be sealed in plastic bags and labeled before being disposed of.

    • Dry out the Area

Finally, be sure to dry out the area thoroughly by using fans, dehumidifiers, and further time. If you don’t dry it out completely before doing restoration work, you’re very likely to have mold resurface again shortly down the road.If you’ve got black mold, green mold, or any other type, call a mold remediation specialist as soon as possible. Remember, your home and your health are riding on it.

Environmental agencies such as Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) highly recommend that you hire experts in mold cleaning to get rid of mold in your home. Their reason is that such experts can discover hidden mold in places you never thought mold can be.

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