You may wonder why the title of this article has some sense of urgency to it, well, that is because molds are certainly not good for your health or home.

And just in case you are wondering what molds are, have you by chance seen some blotches or stains that are green, yellow, blue, brown or even black on your wall or on other surfaces at home? That is most likely a mold buildup.

There are many reasons you should never ignore or neglect molds once you sight them in your home or property. One thing about molds is that they do not take time to spread. You may notice some mold patches on your wall and think to yourself that it is just a small portion, but before you know it, it will spread like wildfire.

Imagine all that ugly look of mold stains on your well-painted wall or wallpaper. Perhaps you are already shuddering from it.

At Ocert1, we always see cases of mold that grew and became a serious challenge when it could have been prevented had we been informed on time. Do not wait until molds get to all parts of your house. Give us a call today on 949 573-4074 to get started.

Meanwhile, here are 3 reasons you should give us a call today when you sight a mold in your home or property:

Molds can expose you to health challenges

Research has shown that molds do not just affect people with allergies, but also people who had been healthy prior to their exposure to mold. There are a lot of issues associated with mold exposure in your home. Some of them include cough and cold that could lead to serious respiratory infections, skin rashes, dizziness, depression, sneezing, wheezing, a runny nose, red eyes, headache, irritation of the nose, eyes as well as the throat among many others.

When left unchecked, these symptoms can even lead to asthma attacks. Asthmatic patients may find that their attack increases whenever they are exposed to molds.

And did you know that some types of molds are toxic and can be cancerous? You do not want to wait to find out the type of mold you have. Give us a call today so that you can regain your peace of mind.

Molds are unsightly

The appearance of molds in your home can make it appear like it is decaying. No matter the quality of furniture has in your home, if there is mold on your wall, ceiling, paintings or on any visible thing, it will appear very dirty.

Think about this – have you ever walked into someone’s home or business office and saw molds everywhere? How did you feel? I bet you did not feel comfortable at the sight. People that are very sensitive may even throw up at the sight of molds on the wall or ceilings. And that is because molds leave dirty marks anywhere it appears.

And not only that, but molds also emit a peculiar smell that many find unattractive. The air quality is greatly affected because everywhere smells of dampness simply because of molds.

Molds can reduce your property value

Did you know before now that molds can devalue a property? Well, molds can.

No one wants to buy a property that is infested with molds. And that is exactly what molds do to your home and property. Also, molds on the ceilings, wall and on the floors may signify that there is structural damage somewhere in the house. If there is water damage in your property, it becomes a breeding ground for molds to grow. Someone looking to buy your property may conclude that it is not in proper shape.

If you have a wood floor in your property, molds can also infest them. Your wood furniture is not spared from the damage that molds can cause. Molds degrade wood furniture, paint, wallpaper and other things in the building. The longer the molds stay on your property, the more damage you will end up with.

With the awareness created on the health risks of molds, many people will shy away from buying a property that has molds. There are several articles that describe how dangerous molds are, and so, anyone buying a property will surely be looking out for such.

The insurance company is another thing to worry about. This is because most insurance companies will not cover for molds in the home but can cover other things that cause molds like water damage, flood and the rest.

That means that the issue of litigation is one of the things a home buyer stands to risk. Professionals would advise on one thing which is – get rid of molds and the thing that causes it before they take over your home and bring its value down to zero.

And there are sometimes you may not be able to detect the cause of molds except you consult professionals such as Ocert1. We are experts at detecting mold causes and nip it in the bud.

What to do

Even before you notice mold on your wall or ceiling, if you ever start perceiving a musty or damp smell, it may mean that mold is already breeding in your home. And if you already have mold in your home, you need to determine how far the infestation is and the extent of the damage.

Another thing, if you or someone that stays in the same property with you start getting some symptoms such as sneezing, wheezing, coughing, headaches, or an increase in asthma attacks for those that are asthmatic, it’s time to check your home for molds.

Do not wait any longer. Call Ocert1 Emergency Response on 949 573-4074, if you are in Ladera Ranch, CA.

Take a totally free mold inspection.

Our 24/7 emergency response within 30 minutes is all you need to get rid of molds from your home. We can also help you with water damage cleanup and carpet cleaning to ensure that your home is free from molds.

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