The title of this post is one major question we usually get from our clients after they have a water damage issue.

And they are right to worry because hardwood floors are one of the things we value most in our homes or even in a business place.

We want to assume that the reason you are reading this article is that you either want to be prepared and know what to do in the event of water damage on your hardwood floor or perhaps you already have a flooded hardwood that needs urgent attention.

Water damage can happen in any part of your house, but most times, it is usually in the basement. And the sad truth is that basements cannot help but attract moisture because of issues with the foundation.

At Ocert1, our 24/7 service has helped many of our clients salvage their hardwood floors after water damage. However, there are some occasions where the damage had gone really deep that we had no other option than to change the hardwood.

If you are wondering if you can still save your hardwood after a water damage event, here are key factors that would determine if the hardwood can be saved or not:

How soon you act

The tendency of your hardwood floor being saved after water damage is highly determined by how soon you act. How soon the water is eliminated will help in saving your hardwood floors from damage. Molds can grow and increase within 48 to 72 hours after water damage. The temperature, moisture and the layer of dust beneath the hardwood floor will create a breeding ground for molds to grow. But this might not be the case if the water damage is clean water from house plumbing than outside flooding or rain which is not as clean as water from house plumbing.

If you get across to a restoration company as soon as you notice the water damage, the chances of saving the hardwood floor will be high. Contacting an emergency response restoration company like Ocert1 is key because you need a company that is quick to act too.

The level of moisture

The level of moisture or water your hardwood floor has absorbed is another determinant. If the moisture level is within 6% to 12%, then it can still be salvaged. But if the moisture level has gone very high, then there is little or nothing that can be done. And hardwood floors usually soak up moisture when left to dry on their own. Call Ocert1 as soon as you notice water damage.

The type of wood used

You need to know that the type of wood you made use of will determine if your hardwood floor can be salvaged or not. There are 3 basic kinds of wood flooring – plank wood flooring, strip wood flooring, and engineered wood flooring. Laminated wood flooring has been gaining popularity in recent times and these are not considered hardwood flooring because their tolerance for moisture is very low and would most likely be replaced in the event of water damage.

The degree of water damage

If the water damage is a severe one, there is no doubt that you will have to replace the wood floors. If the water damage already present is huge or the floor has already popped, cupped or cracked, then it is an indication that a replacement is needed. You also have to check if the sub-floor is affected before going ahead with installing new hardwood floor.

If the hardwood floor has started cupping, you will notice that the sides of the hardwood flooring are higher than the boards in the center. It will look like a concave shape. Do note that engineered and solid woods can cup after water damage.

On the other hand, if the floor is warped, then the chances of salvaging the floor may reduce. This is because warping is more severe than cupping. Usually, the flood buckles or pop off the subfloor when there is warping after water damage. Warp affects all kinds of woods whether old or new. Your hardwood floor does not need to go through water damage before it can warp – water vapors, changes in weather like in summer when humidity forces hardwood floors to expand.

Ocert1 will help you in determining the level of water damage and if the hardwood floor can be salvaged or not.

What we do to help

When you get across to a restoration company such as Ocert1, we make use of dehumidifiers, fans, blowers and other equipment to get rid of the water from the wood. We do not just get rid of the water but also monitor your hardwood floor to see if there is still moisture and growth of mold.

In some cases, the boards will have to be removed when it has turned or shifted as a result of changes in their internal makeup.

Our 30 minutes emergency response can save you a lot of stress and money when you contact us the moment you notice water damage. But should the floors be damaged, do not be sad. You can still reclaim some wood and make use of it for countless wood projects like an accent wall, furniture, shelving or other craft ideas that can be done with wood.

Ocert1 has a team of technicians that have helped many people with water-logged hardwood issues and still counting. We will disable the source of water damage, get rid of the moisture, and then replace the floors with a new one if necessary. In fact, we will work with you every step of the way.

Remember that every minute counts after water damage because your hardwood floors are at risk of absorbing moisture and breeding molds.

If you have water damage issues and wants to save your hardwood floors, give us a call today on 949 573-4074. Our services are available to residents of Ladera Ranch, CA.

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